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  1. Chad. 28th Sep, As soon as dawn breaks, the Wodaabe men start preparing for the Gerewol (an annual courtship ritual competition) with painstaking precision. From very early in the day there is a mounting sense of anticipation, as some years see over 1, members of .
  2. Jun 01,  · The Wodaabe refer to the Fulani with equal disdain as Wodaabe who lost their way. Location, Land, and Climate Wodaabe are nomads, migrating through much of the Sahel from northern Cameroon to Chad, Niger, and northeast Nigeria.
  3. Wodaabe or Bororo are a small subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group of Fulani Nation in Nigeria. The Wodaabe are a proud nomadic people who are scattered across the sub-Saharan Sahelian steppe in Niger and North Africa.
  4. Birds of the Bush: Wodaabe Distinctions of Society and Nature KRISTÍN LOFTSDÓTTIR University of Iceland ([email protected]) ABSTRACT WoDaaBe Fulani pastoral nomads in the Sahel base their ethnic identity and economic livelihood largely on cattle herding. This .
  5. 'The word Wodaabe means People of the Taboo, referring to those rules of social conduct handed down by their ancestors. As one elder explains, “We have a code of behavior that emphasizes semteende (reserve and modesty), munyal (patience and fortitude), .
  6. Most Wodaabe experience two or more Koobgal and Teegal in their lifetime. Some would even prefer to have them both at the same time. Some would even prefer to have them both at the same time. The Wodaabes are one of the few societies in the world where both man and women can be married to two people simultaneously.
  7. Apr 10,  · 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Wodaabe People Posted on April 10, January 4, by Alexis Borochoff Heralded as one of the most beautiful people in Africa, the Wodaabe people live a life where looking good is the norm.

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